Picture of The Week: Mexico City Airport

I was recently in Mexico City waiting for my flight back to the U.S. and I happened to stumble across this wall inside the airport. Although these types of depictions of Frida Kahlo can be found all around the city, it is the first time I see it at the airport. It’s actually a wall to a store that sells souvenirs.

I am a huge Frida Kahlo fan! I will definitely be sharing a lot of things about my Frida Kahlo findings, sightings, and gems.

Location: Benito Juarez International Airport, Mexico City
May 2019


This DC Girl

Hey there! Welcome! I would like to introduce myself and tell you a little about me, since I’ve decided to refresh my blog and expand my topics.

I’m Mayra Jordan or better known as Mj. I’m a daughter, sister, aunty, friend, traveler, marathoner, fitness enthusiast and the girl next door, and now a wanna-be blogger 🙂

I am passionate about traveling and learning about different cultures. In 2017, after years of living through several staycations, I decided to start living a little and travel the world. So far, so good! I will be sharing my experiences, tips and pictures with you of previous and current travels. I, too, was scared of traveling alone, but now I truly enjoy being what Instagramers call, a ‘solo traveler’, and I love it.

I am also passionate about running and fitness; although I will admit that I need to improve on my food consumption choices. I have ran 1 marathon, 11 half-marathons and I’ve lost track of how many ten-mile races and 5K races I have completed. I will begin marathon training soon for the Chicago Marathon (October 13th) and the Marine’s Corps Marathon (October 28th). Yes, I too have asked myself, why am I running 2 marathons in one month?

Now, just in case you are wondering what I do for-a-living, I will tell you that during the day, I am in Project Management and as my sometimes side-gig, I coach people and prepare them for job-interviews. This makes me a Job-Interview Coach. Hopefully in the near future I will leave all this behind and become a Yoga Teacher. I have even thought about going back-to school and getting a degree focusing on nutrition and fitness. Yes, besides running I also lift weights. My brother and I have an Instagram page where we both share our journeys.

Other things you might be curious about (or not, LOL) about me: I have 2 nieces and 2 nephews; an older sister and a younger brother; I have no children of my own and I am currently single (yay! I don’ have to buy Christmas presents). I am a District of Columbia resident and I love every moment of not being able to find parking near my building. I honestly love living in the district. The location of my condo allows for me to walk or run to the Capitol, D.C. monuments and surrounding areas. I wouldn’t change it for anything, except a much bigger condo in D.C..

I hope that we will get to know each other and support each other in whatever journey we are currently living.